5 Franchise Opportunities in the UK for 2021

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In this video, we talk about 5 different franchise opportunities in the UK and how they can improve your stream of income. When it comes to smart investments with your money, franchising is a brilliant option. With franchising opportunities, you can get your hands on a ready-made business model which can include training, guidance, and support. With this your already halfway there! We talk about how the economic track record in the UK for franchises has been very strong in recent years.

There are 5 different franchise opportunities in the UK we discuss, starting with;

  • Sourced Network – this is a great company to invest your money in, they look to make a turnover of £200,000 in approximately two years. They have external funding support which means a solid backup plan.
  • What’s On In – this particular venture has a variety of franchise options to choose from. What makes them one of the best franchise opportunities is that they have solid finances so you can rest assured. They have had an expected turnover of between £30,000 to £50,000 in approximately two years, this company is also backed up by various investors and had external funding support.
  • GYMGUYZ – they have a turnover of around £200,000 with net profits of £70,000 to £80,000. This is a great investment for those who are gym junkies and like to take care and get involved in their health and fitness. You have to pay a £25,000 franchise fee to open a franchise with this company and you can then start living your passion and making the money you deserve!
  • Wok and Go – let's be honest most of us love Asian food it’s a cheap and delicious cuisine. But finding a good Asian food store in the UK can be a myth. Wok and Go aim to change this for people! And joining in and getting involved in this franchise could mean you can cash in on their development! Wok and Go have grown immensely over the past few years and has predicted growth of £550,000 in the next two years! You’re just going to have to pay a £20,000 franchise fee!
  • Shutter Craft - With a £100,000 expected revenue in two years! With solid external funding support, Shutter Craft is all set to become the UK's leading distributor of shutters. They make the best quality shutters, with various colours shapes, and sizes! They were established in 2002 and since then have grown rapidly!
Watch the video to get more detailed information on how these franchise opportunities can benefit you! And help you overcome the decline in paid employment in 2020.

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