1What is RateUsOnline local search?

RateUsOnline is a free business listing for local businesses. You can search for professional local business listing and service partners, go through their reviews, images, and make appoints. Business owners can also list their business on RateUsOnline, without any charges and get endorsed for their services and products.

2How can I add my company to RateUsOnline local search?

Listing your business on RateUsOnline is very easy. Just go to the RateUsOnline website, click on Sign Up and fill in your details. After the registration is successful, add in all details of your business. Be as thorough as you can – include in your operating hours, website, specialities, and any other details that you want. Don’t forget to add images of your workplace and your products or services as well as videos to make your listing more engaging.

3Can I add more branches of the company to RateUsOnline?

Yes, sign up using the email address for the additional branch. Each branch will have an individual profile. But we recommend you put the branch detail in the business profile name to ensure users can differentiate between the branches.

4How can I claim my company?

We are editing this process as this is currently automatic

5How can I update my business information on RateUsOnline business directory?

Correct, up to date information helps keep your business pop-up in relevant search results. If you want to update your business information, log in to your account, and click on Edit Business. Add the details that you want and click on publish to save your changes.

6How can I delete my company from RateUsOnline local search?

Login with the details that you used to create your business account, and there will be an option to delete your profile on the top right-hand corner of your business profile page.

7Do you have route planner?

Yes every directory listing will have a route planner in their profile page in the location section. In the location section there is a route planner underneath the map.

8How do I correct the geographical location of my company on the map?

Under the heading Essential Info, there are two fields – title and location. As soon as you start typing your location, a drop-down menu will start showing all possible locations. Select your location. After this, the map below will adjust automatically and start showing you neighbouring areas around your location. Move the balloon to your business’ location. Next, click on Get from Map option and it will fill in the details in the Location field. You can also enter details manually. Click on the check-box under the map Enter Details Manually to type your address.

9How can I boost my company position in search results?

1. Use ideal keywords so customers can easily find you 2. User interaction with your profile will help to make a prominent place in the listing. 3. Ensure that your NAP (name, address and phone number with area code) is consistent across the top-ranked directories 4. Get Local Reviews – in quality as well as quantity. 5. Updating your business profile to make sure that information stays relevant. Make sure keywords remain accurate and relevant. Check your profile at least every quarter to keep on top of things. 6. Get local citations for your business.

10What other free services do you offer?

Apart from free business listing, RateUsOnline also offers: Trending local news on business, data, products, science and technology, smartphones, technology, health and well-being, and workplace ethos. Endorsements of businesses with highest reviews and quality services on our weekly review videos, and features such businesses on our highly active social media pages.

11How can I change my profile details in the RateUsOnline community?

Making changes to your business listing is as easy as creating one. Just log in, click on Edit your Profile, make the necessary changes, and save them.

12Is RateUsOnline free?

Yes. RateUsOnline is among the premier business review sites UK-wide and you can read the reviews, list your own business, or stay updated with the business latest news, free of cost.