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Technology and IT Services UK-wide for Your Business

As a business owner, the last thing you want to do is get tangled with networking and troubleshooting issues in your ERP, payroll, invoicing, or billing systems. Most business owners neither have that kind of knowledge nor the time to focus on this nitty-gritty. However, technology being an integral part of the business infrastructure can cause severe roadblocks in day-to-day operations if impaired. At RateUsOnline, our endeavour is to help your business cope up with everyday operational activities. Our partners offer state-of-the-art IT services UK-wide – consisting of end-to-end technology services and support – that enhance your existing business infrastructure within a fraction of the cost of hiring a new in-house IT team.

IT Support Near Me – Find reliable service experts near you

With RateUsOnline’s expert IT consulting UK companies, you can finally stop worrying about IT, and focus on growing your business. The services and solutions offered by our partners cover everything that a business needs – right from asset management to network monitoring. We know that every business has unique requirements and this is why, our partners work with you to create a customised package of IT services that fit your business requirements like a glove, rather than run of the mill, mass-market vendor solutions.

IT Services Near Me – What makes RateUsOnline’s partners unique?

RateUsOnline is trusted by thousands of business owners and customers as a one-stop-shop for all their technology and network woes.

Easy Configurations And Upkeep

Whether you require vendor-based services or bespoke products especially configured for your business, our experienced service partners offer extensive support, assistance, and customer service. Some of the most requested services from our partners are:
  • IT consultancy services
  • Security audit and installation
  • Software and hardware support
  • Network and system monitoring
  • Disaster recovery solutions
  • On-call assistance
  • Asset management
  • Onsite services
  • Backup and security
  • Helpdesk support
  • Custom software development
  • Cloud service
  • Cybersecurity
  • PCI DSS, GDPR and other compliance certifications
  • IT asset disposal services

Manageable And Flexible Services

One of the key distinctions of RateUsOnline’s IT support companies UK-wide is, our partners begin with a consultation. They will understand your requirements in detail and then extend support to your existing IT team and infrastructure. Whether you want a team to train your in-house IT department or want to invest in a robust tech support from the scratch, our partners offer plans that are both affordable and scalable.

IT Companies Near Me – Benefits of opting for RateUsOnline’s IT services UK-wide

  • Measurable deliverables that are visible.
  • Round the clock customer services
  • Enhanced business efficiency.
  • Experts with decades of hands-on experience.
So, if you’re looking to find a reliable partner offering IT support UK-wide, RateUsOnline is your one-stop destination. Get started right away!


1. What are managed IT services? Managed service providers (MSPs) take over the responsibility for securing client systems and networks from cyber threats. An MSP offers:
  • Round the clock network monitoring and prevention
  • After-hours security scans and updates
  • On-site support
  • Breach investigation and audits
  • Software licensing management
  • Business continuity, etc.
2. What size business is a good fit for the IT service provider? MSPs cater to all kinds of businesses, right from start-ups and small businesses to enterprises and corporate conglomerates. However, they are especially suited to small and medium businesses, since bigger ventures can afford in-house tech teams. 3. Do the service providers featured on RateUsOnline provide emergency support? Yes – our featured partners provide 24*7 emergency and after-hours support. 4. Do your featured vendors provide hardware and software? Yes, a majority of our partners are authorized resellers of licensed hardware and software manufacturers like Microsoft, Dell, Asus, Hewlett Packard, VMWare, and Norton. Additionally, many of our featured partners also offer tailored solutions that fit your business requirements instead of investing and installing new products. 5. Does the IT team help manage my hardware and software? Managing your hardware and software is a major responsibility that our featured partners take care of. The MSPs listed on this page take a proactive approach in managing your tech infrastructure and assets, including maintaining the hardware life cycle, licensing updates, and patching installed software. 6. How much does the managed IT team charge? The cost of hiring an MSP varies from company to company. We encourage you to directly get in touch with the listed vendors for an in-depth discussion. 7. Which area do you service? Our partners are located all around the UK, from London to Dublin. Use our smart algorithm that detects your precise location and helps you find IT service providers near you.