6 Tips For Takeaway Restaurants To Make More Money

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2020 was not a good year to eat out, and the same goes for 2021. But thanks to food delivery services from restaurant’s, you can now order and receive the food you desire right to your doorstep. As we all know Takeaways are the new normal for restaurants in 2021. People are not ordering the usual Indian takeaway or Chinese takeaway, they are searching for “takeaway near me, which means they want a variety. Over the past year in just the UK, there has been a total of 7.5 million takeaway deliveries made and now most people find it safer to continue ordering takeaways. This video will focus on 6 tips that Takeaway Restaurants can implement to make more money and provide high customer satisfaction.

1. Get Takeaway Insurance

Although you’re not legally required to have insurance unless you have employees, this is ideal to reduce the of number risks you may come across.

2. Reusable Customer Containers

Many people prefer to use their own containers – so provide the option to customers to use reusable containers. This can also help reduce waste and benefit the planet.

3. Develop A Food Delivery Service

Ensure you have the delivery service option, you can use a bike, car or van. Alternatively, you can register on delivery services like Just Eat or feast who are a late-night delivery service.

4. Engage Your Target Audience

Register your takeaway business to popular apps like Deliveroo and Just Eat

5. Assurance of Food Safety

This is a huge deal to the public. You must meet all hygiene requirements for distance selling. Ensure that the facilities are being cleaned regularly and show what measures you have put in place to ease the minds of those buying from you.

6. Find The Perfect Location 

Finding a great location is ideal, due to the restrictions size and aesthetics of the place do not matter as much anymore, as long as the hygiene is on point and is a walking distance location for those who can just pop by would be a great way to start your business. Watch the video to find out in more detail how these 6 tips can help your Takeaway Restaurants business boom!

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