6 ways to establish brand loyalty among your customers

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While pushing for new sales is crucial for the growth of any business, building brand loyalty and investing in customer satisfaction is equally important. Creating a loyal following of customers can ensure continued success, which allows your business to stay on top. In this video, we’ll go through six ways to establish brand loyalty among your customers.

1. Make use of social media. 

Using social media to build brand loyalty isn’t just about regularly posting new products and updates. It’s an effective marketing strategy that can significantly increase brand awareness, enhance customer experience and boost sales. The correct way to achieve this through social media campaigns is to create compelling content that generates engagement within your audience. The power of social media marketing can be best understood by the fact that over 73% of marketers believe that it has been significantly effective for their business. Moreover, 54% of customers use social media to research products and 79% of people say that social media majorly impacts their purchasing decisions. Consider building a social media presence that deeply resonates with your target market, and use various social media platforms to support every aspect of your brand story. This, in turn, will allow you to build a thriving and tight-knit online community consisting of many brand advocates.
  1. Use reward programs. 
Modern customers are more drawn towards brands that offer a variety of perks that encourage them to keep coming back for more. Research has shown, approximately 69% of customers, choose retailers that offer reward programs. Such reward or loyalty programs typically include offers, coupons or discounts to regular shoppers, which is an excellent way of customer retention.   Starbucks, for instance, keeps coming up with fresh and interesting rewards that are not restricted to repeated customers. Besides member offers, free in-store refills and their digital rewards program, the brand provides birthday rewards and various holiday promotions, attracting new and frequent customers.   You can also create a rewards or loyalty program for your own customers according to what’s best suited to your products or services.  
  1. Create a unique voice. 
The impact of finding a unique voice and an authentic story that represents your brand is often underestimated.   Several surveys suggest that modern customers are more likely to recognize and remember brands that maintain a consistent brand voice across all channels.   In fact, 56% of customers feel more loyal to brands who “get them” and 89% of customers prefer brands who share their values.   Therefore, through compelling story-telling and a purpose that resonates with the audience, many world-renowned brands such as Nike draw in new customers and convince them to invest.   So, it’s not only necessary to create a brand voice and story but also utilize it in a way that your brand feels approachable to your audience.  
  1. Be consistent and have a noble edge. 
  Consistency is key when it comes to building long-lasting brand loyalty. Nowadays consumers expect stellar customer service and an excellent experience every time they interact with the brand and not just when it’s convenient to deliver.   Make sure your brand is consistent in terms of its corporate reputation, customer experience as well as visual elements like logo design and slogan.   In 2021, 54% of businesses that practised brand consistency found that this contributed to their growth.   So, customers must be able to count on the company to deliver the same level of impressive products or services over time. It’s also beneficial to have a noble edge. This means contributing to a charity or getting involved in some form of social work, which can especially be effective with customers who have strong moral aspirations.  
  1. Deliver value and quality. 
  One of the most trusted, fool proof ways of winning loyal customers is to deliver value through high-quality products and services.   Go an extra mile to maintain your brand’s standard and always try to exceed your customers’ expectations. Providing a level of quality that offers actual value to the customers will make them stick with your brand because they know they can count on you.   Statistics reveal that a whopping 92% of customers rank price and value for the top reasons why they stay loyal to brands.   It’s also important to focus on what the customers expect, what drives them towards your brand and why they prefer your products or services in the first place. Following this pattern will help retain customers so that they continue to invest in your brand.  
  1. Provide stellar customer service. 
  The level of customer service provided by a brand is one of the key factors that determine whether or not a customer returns.   These days most companies handle customer service through social media platforms, which is why it’s necessary to assign a team or social media manager who answers questions in a timely manner and listens to customer feedback online.   Being responsive and following up on your customers regularly is an effective way to stay on top of their satisfaction.   Customers also feel connected to a brand when their feedback, no matter positive or negative, is acknowledged with respect. This will allow you to not only gain the customers’ trust but also stay ahead of any issues before they get out of hand.   Needless to say, stellar customer service can turn a negative review into a positive customer experience that can change the entire view of your brand. It’s surely one of the best ways to build brand loyalty that lasts.   After all, nearly 80% of customers are willing to pay more for a better customer experience, and an astonishing 93% are more likely to repeat purchases with companies that offer excellent customer service.   These six steps will allow you to establish brand loyalty that creates long-term ambassadors and loyal customers, leading your business towards subsequent growth.  

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