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Different to other staffing agencies, SilverLine Events provides rigorous training for all employees to guarantee an outstanding level of service. Individuals are carefully selected to suit our unique working ethos. It is very important to us to ensure all employees feel welcomed and supported. We are passionate about making every employee feel valued as an important part of the business by encouraging progression and passion to provide the best possible experience for our clients. Another...

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  • Excellent service!
    December 25, 2022

    "Just wanted to thank you for all off your hard work on Sunday! I am thoroughly impressed with your services and would definitely love to work with you again. Callum - I could not have have asked for a better events manager; you worked happily the whole day and didn't let anything get to you. You clearly have the respect of your staff and certainly have mine. I loved being able to approach you with any issues and hearing that you're already aware of what I'm telling you and that you're already sorting it. These are the things that make an event manager. I can't remember everyone's names but please do pass my thanks onto them all for their hard work, especially James and Freya who were lovely and were happy to work hard all throughout the long day! Many thanks again and best regards, Sumeet."

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