Five Ways To Get More Leads For Your B2B Business

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Are you struggling to get new leads for your business? Marketing for a B2B business can be confusing and difficult for many newcomers since most guides teach us about marketing to consumers. There are many effective ways to market your B2B business, and we will discuss this in more detail.

In this video, we're giving you 5 ways to get more leads for B2B businesses.

1. Marketing at Events

While digital marketing and online communication is currently the most popular way to do B2B marketing today, its not the easiest way to communicate with potential clients.  There are other ways to communicate directly with your prospective clients and get them as new client. For example, Hosting events is still one of the most popular ways for B2B marketers to find success, and 75% of them agree that this is vital to their success.  You could host an event yourself, or attend other events where you promote your company to interested people.
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2. Use Social Media

Over 60% of B2B customers look for service providers through social media. Social media can set up a direct link between you and the business you’re trying to work with. so having a strong social media presence is key to the success of any B2B business. While it is important to have a presence on mainstream sites like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, one of the most effective social media websites for B2B lead generation is LinkedIn. Marketing experts have said that up to 80% of all B2B leads are generated through LinkedIn. It can be a great website for you to identify potential customers, especially if you have a premium LinkedIn account that allows you to use aggressive tactics to reach more of an audience. 

3. Build A Strong Web Presence

It is essential for B2B businesses to build a web presence that makes it easy for potential clients to find your business and, gives potential clients all the details they need about your service. One of the biggest mistakes b2b businesses make when building their website is creating a complicated mess that will scare away anyone who opens it.  The best way to ensure your website is user friendly and ranks well is to either learn about Search engine optimisation (SEO) or hire an SEO specialist to help you design your website and optimise it so that you have a high conversion rate, and rank well in search engines.

4. An Effective Marketing Campaign

When we think of marketing, most people will automatically think of advertising. That is because advertising has been one of the most effective types of marketing strategies for any kind of business for centuries. Advertising is a great way to build up your business’ reputation, one of the first things a client will look for is how reputable your business is. No one will want to work with you if your business is unknown and advertising is a great way to initially get your name out there.

5. Find a Niche

There is a market for practically everything you can think of. This is why now, more than ever, specialist companies are growing at much higher rates than generic company and most of the fastest-growing companies in the world are niche-driven. A niche-driven strategy can be very beneficial to you if you find a market, with very little competition. So, Buyers will essentially be forced to buy from you. A niche doesn’t have to be something that’s never been done before. Airbnb was not the first company to introduce the concept of renting out rooms, but they were the first ones to do so on a mass scale with the help of modern technology and a lack of regulations on short notice, which meant they found a previously unexplored niche.  That’s a wrap for 5 ways for B2B lead generation. What marketing strategy do you find most effective? Let us know in the comments below!

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