How Review Websites Can Improve Businesses Online Presence

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In a world of online shopping, where everything is just a click away, one common question businesses ask, is HOW DO WE INCREASE SALES AND REVENUE? One major way to boost sales is to increase your number of reviews. 93% of people say online reviews impacts their buying decisions. This video highlights How Review Sites Can Improve your businesses Online Presence and help you grow exponentially over time. This video covers:

1. How Review Websites Influence Sales

Reviews present on review websites can have a tremendous effect on purchase behaviour. People are more likely to ignore your business if they can’t find any reviews about your products and services. This is because people these days do not like to take action unless they’ve read good reviews about a business. Research has shown that 92% of consumers hesitate to make a purchase if there are no customer reviews. Customers also tend to avoid businesses with bad reviews so if you’re getting a lot of bad reviews, you’ll probably notice a sharp drop in sales.

2. How Review Websites Help You Improve Your SEO

If you’re familiar with how Search Engine Optimization works, you probably know that you can use it to promote your business online. You can also leverage reviews to build your online presence and improve search performance. If your reviews are diverse and abundant, your business will show up organically on local search results. If you display reviews on your website, they can improve your on-site density and ALSO improve your ranking for long-tail searches. So the more high-quality reviews you have on review websites, the higher your chances are of ranking across multiple search engines.

3. How Review Websites Help You Establish A Solid Base Of Support

Review websites can ACTUALLY help you turn your happy customers into literal brand ambassadors for your business. A lot of people unfollow a business if they do too much self-promotion. So tooting your own horn won’t help! You need your happy customers to leave positive reviews that will advocate for your business in front of thousands of people on review websites. This way, your most satisfied customers will become your brand ambassadors and will help you create a positive image of the business online.

4. How Review Websites Allow You To Manage Your Reviews

Online review sites are great because they help you track and manage your reviews. Many review sites just send you a notification once someone posts a review about your business. Google Alerts also reports mentions of your business in web pages, blogs, and other online discussions. You can even pay for something called “reputation monitoring.” This process is a more professional way of using review sites to track your reviews and analyze the kind of effect they have on your business.

5. How Even Negative Reviews Help

You might not believe this, but even negative reviews can help your business. Even though negative reviews on review websites are the absolute worst, the way you respond to customer concerns can actually turn out to be positive for your business. If a customer posts a negative review and you comment and you actively work to sort the problem out with them, other people will notice and appreciate your gestures of cooperation. And the customers who’ve had a bad experience will also be more likely to shop again! More importantly, negative reviews are great because they help you identify your problems and then sort them out. No business is perfect but getting the right criticism will help you get as close to perfection as you possibly can

6. How Review Websites Help You Establish Transparency With Customers

Customers LOVE it when you are transparent with them. And a great way to establish transparency these days is through review websites. These websites allow you to engage with customers who have posted reviews. You can respond to their comments and be absolutely frank with them about anything related to your business. This includes reinforcing positive reviews, tackling concerns, and outlining the various policies of your business as well. If you’re prompt with your responses to customer reviews, you will be able to significantly improve customer ratings.

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