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Are You Looking a for Free Review Sites to List Your Business?

Did you know that 46% of all Google searches are regarding information on local businesses? In fact, 88% of all searches result in a call or a visit to local businesses within 24 hours. So, how do you ensure that your business gets the attention it deserves? Is it possible to secure a spot on the review websites for businesses without a membership? Of course, there are many free business review sites available online. But none of them is like RateUsOnline!

Manage the digital footprint of your business – Get a free local listing with RateUsOnline

Most B2C and B2B business directories either ask you for a monthly subscription or a share of your revenue. However, as a small or a medium business owner, it’s not always feasible to invest money into marketing, especially if you’re just starting out. But you’d still need an online business review, wouldn’t you? What if we told you that there was a way that you could get customers to rate businesses online without paying hefty subscription fees? Are there any free review site in the UK? Is there a way to get a listing on any UK business directory free of cost? Of course! RateUsOnline is the answer to all these questions. It is among the best free business listing sites in the UK. Neither do you have to pay subscription fees nor do you have to worry about the local search engine ranking of your business?

How come?

If you offer outstanding service to your customers, you can request them to leave a glowing review for your business on RateUsOnline. Their excellent reviews will earn your business an honourable mention on our website, and our social media channels with over 60,000 followers. Now imagine if you were paying for these services. That would definitely have burnt a hole in your pocket, right? So, you see, your hard work rewards your business not just with money but with skyrocketing local SEO boosts as well. We do this because we want local businesses to thrive. Small and medium businesses are the backbone of the economy in the UK. They drive growth, open new markets, and create more jobs. We live in a world where impeccable customer service and shorter turnaround times are not a formality, they’re the norm. It is imperative for consumers to realise the worth of businesses that excel in these two spheres and laud them with the attention they deserve. Hence our endeavour of creating a free business listing where both customers and business owners can contribute.

How do I list my business on RateUsOnline?

Get your business live on RateUsOnline in three easy steps: Step 1: Create an account on RateUsOnline. If you already have an account, log in. Step 2: Add information about your business. Upload pictures, mention your contact details and hours of operation, and the services that you provide. Include as much detail as you can. Step 3: Click Save. There you go – your business is now live. Share the link with your customers, asking them to review your business online on this amazing free review site.

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