Working From Home Tips To Increase Productivity In The UK

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Over the last 12 months, office spaces have started functioning through online channels, and at times it can become difficult to consistently work from home for many of us. With the right effort, you can stay productive while taking care of yourself and your loved ones. Going about your work life in a new way can lead to positive or negative shifts and growth. This unexpected situation allows you to rethink all areas of your life. Watch this video to learn how you can stay at the top of your professional game during these unprecedented times. Working from home comes with its own distractions, especially when other people in the household or even pets are nearby. You may struggle to be productive when unsupervised. Working from home can also create an “always-on” mindset, which can cause people to work longer than their regular hours or too hard. But luckily for you, there are ways you can increase your productivity as you continue to work from home! In this video, we will give you some working from home tips and tricks about how you can work from home efficiently and divide your space from working space to unwind home space. This video will cover why you should set up an area of your house to use as a dedicated workspace. This space when used for work will send a clear signal to your brain that it is time to focus. Dressing up for work as you normally do perhaps with a more casual feel to ensure you don’t feel demotivated or sluggish. Planning your day, create a daily schedule prioritize them in order of urgency and importance and put it in writing and stick it in a visible place. Stay connected via zoom/skype with your employers, keep them up to date about the day's tasks to ensure you keep your relationship at an optimum level. Take small breaks it’s important to take small breaks especially if you’re working long hours this will improve your mental health and work quality. Stay off social media during work hours, although you do not have employers checking over your shoulder – social media can trap you in hours of scrolling you might look up and realise you have missed half of your day looking at a funny cat. Watch the video to get more detailed information on how these tips can promote better working from home for you and can benefit you!

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